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Lyssa was a member of the Silent Rock tribe, living in the Palisade Mountains. Born a number of years after the end of the Great War, Lyssa was gifted with psychic abilities passed down from her mother. Following the attack on Quiet Rock, Lyssa took up the mantle of Emissary-Protector to complete the mission that her mother had originally set out to do. During her quest to present the emissary crystal to the Western Coalition States, Lyssa was swept up into the conflicts between the various factions threatening to re-ignite the Great War, possibly destroying mankind once and for all.


Lyssa was born to Liam and Rya in the village of Quiet Rock, located in the Palisade Mountains. Born many “cycles” after the end of the Great War, Lyssa was raised, very isolated from the outside world. Rya died from an infection caused by an injury she received before she came to Quiet Rock, leaving Liam to raise Lyssa as a single parent. Liam’s brother, Lancen and his wife helped raise Lyssa for a number of years. During those years, Lyssa became very close to her older cousin, Enem.

Lyssa came to idolize Enem and dreamed of being one of the village hunters and protectors alongside her cousin. While she was scoffed at for her dream, Lyssa became even more determined to fulfill what she considered to be her destiny.

Lyssa was also very close with the trader, Dudley, who visited Quiet Rock two to three times during the years when weather was good. She delighted in the stories that the old trader told and came to view Dudley as an uncle. Lyssa’s true lineage was revealed during Dudley’s last trip to Quiet Rock.


Lyssa was considered strong-willed by her father and those around her, while she lived in Quiet Rock. After leaving the village, Lyssa displayed more cautious, timid behavior as she ventured across the plains to the Black Storm Hills and beyond. While she could be competitive and arrogant about her physical prowess, Lyssa remained compassionate towards others, often putting herself in danger to help those in need. Often stubborn, Lyssa never gave up on something once she put her mind to it.


Lyssa was considered tall with a slender build. Despite being smaller framed than other members of her tribe, Lyssa still displayed womanly curves. She kept her brown hair with auburn highlights long, sometimes tying it back with a leather cord.

Lyssa was set apart from the rest of the Silent Rock tribe because of her physical features. Most of the tribe was darker skinned with stockier builds. Her blue eyes were quite noticeable among the predominantly brown eyes of the tribe too. While her hair was dark in color, it was lighter than that of her counterparts in the tribe.


During her early years, Lyssa honed her skills as a tracker and a hunter with the help of her older cousin, Enem. By the time she had entered into her teen years, Lyssa was one of the best hunters and trackers within the tribe, possibly the whole populace of the Palisades. Lyssa also displayed great stamina and agility which allowed her to be very nimble and graceful in the mountain terrain surrounding the village.

Early on, Lyssa displayed acute hearing and eyesight. Upon her Awakening, Lyssa’s abilities increased tenfold, allowing her to hear faint sounds clearly and for her to see for great distances. Her physical strength and endurance also increased to that above normal human abilities.

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