Transhumanism was an ideology that gained substantial ground during the mid-2000’s. It was an international and intellectual movement that aimed to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.

Supporters believed that the potential benefits and dangers of then emerging technologies could overcome fundamental human, as well as ethical, limitations by utilizing such technologies. The common transhumanist thesis was that human beings could eventually be able to transform themselves into different beings with abilities so greatly expanded from the natural condition as to merit the label of post-human beings.

By 2050, supporters of the ideology had gained popular support among the societies of the world and many governments and mega-corporations raced to embrace Transhumanism. Medical and technological breakthroughs allowed for the alteration of humans, effectively giving rise to the Meta-psychics. The Genesis Corporation spearheaded the research and implementation of genetic manipulation, especially with the Evolutus Gene, which gave rise to the new, post-human species that was capable of psychokinesis and various other abilities. This new, evolved Human was known as Homo Evolutan.

On the other side of the coin, Apex-Martin, a mega corporation, went with high technology in an attempt to further the evolution of man. By utilizing micro technology, robotics, fusion energy generation, and cybernetics, Apex-Martin was able to bring about the end of the global energy crisis and cure many debilitating medical conditions. The applications for the new technologies seemed limitless.

The split in the Transhumanism ideology came when both Genesis and Apex-Martin attempted to militarize some of their discoveries in order to gain lucrative government contracts around the world. The companies quickly began competing and in a bid for domination, began splitting and swallowing up the corporate sector. Before the governments could award either company, the corporations amassed their own corporate-funded, combat-capable units, and literally went to war with each other.

In 2075, true war broke out. The result dwarfed World War I or II, encompassing the globe and sending most areas into utter chaos. The start of the Great War brought about anarchy and ruin to most countries where either Genesis or Apex-Martin held sway. Within the first year, most major governments had been swept away or came under direct control of the warring factions. It was technology against biology, with the world at stake.

By 2145, both sides ceased hostilities and retreated to their respective territories. Genesis-aligned forces took the northeastern section of the former United States while the remnants of the Apex-Martin side took the northwestern area of the U.S., along with parts of Canada. Forming Arcadia and the Western Coalition States, respectively, the two main factions isolated themselves and worked to reform some type of society. It appeared that the ideology of Transhumanism had died and the world was left in a stalemate of conflicting ideas and views.

Around 2299, a group of Arcadian Metapsychics split from the main state and went into what was considered “No Man’s Land” in the Central Territories. Forming the Protectorate, these individuals reawakened Transhumanism, with a differing viewpoint: Work with the world and Mother Nature to achieve a balance while using abilities and technology to better the planet, not just humans.

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